Gents Buttonholes

Gents Buttonholes Whether you need a buttonhole for a wedding or a prom, Aberdeen Corsages can provide a wide selection of styles and colours for you to choose from. From a range of ribbon colours to tartans that would match your kilt, our florists are certain that they will find the right one to fit your requirements. It is a tradition for men to wear matching buttonholes at a wedding, the groom of course would wear something similar to the bride. For example; if the bridal bouquet was made up of freesia, roses and lily of the valley, then we would suggest something that would compliment it. Or you could perhaps go with the traditional thistle along with a ribbon that would in some way compliment your outfit. Only recently have corsages and buttonholes been a feature at Proms. The ‘Prom’ originates from the United States, the word is shortened from Promenade and the event is usually held at the end of the senior year. It has now become traditional for the male to give the female her corsage for the ball, he should ensure to that the flower will compliment his date’s dress. Aberdeen Corsages are also able to deliver to your chosen destination, whether it be your own home or that of your date’s, we will ensure delivery promptly and professionally.